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Torka Tuffskul miniature.

Mannok da Kunnin' is an Orruk Breaka-Boss of the Grinnin' Blades warclan and the Beast-Breakaz tribe, who controls the Da Kunnin' Krew.[1]


He and the rest of his warband were hunting a Bog Wyrm in the lakes of the Misted Isles, when they witnessed the creature disappear into a drain. Despite Torka's protests, Mannok ordered the crude craft they were on to investigate the disappearance and the warband ended up in the Harrowdeep. He decided that the moists caverns would be perfect for a Kruleboy lair and that settling such place would make him a premier bossd. He leads the warband in trying to find a way out of the labyrinthine caverns so they can bring the rest of the boyz to settle it.[1][2]


He is renowned amongst the Kruleboyz for how effective and indepth his dirty tricks are. He is also known for using his lackeys as living shields.[2]


He has a Morkrow pet that he can command to attack far away enemies with its scary beak and talons.[2]


Mannok is armed with a Try-prodda and a cruel Lash that are envenomed with a poison that can turn their foes, even the toughest into spasming wrecks.[2]



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