Magnificent Macroscope

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Mastro Vivetti's Magnificent Macroscope or simply Magnificent Macroscope is a telescope devised by Mastro Vivetti, a protege of Valius Maliti.[1a][2a]


The Magnificent Macroscope devised by Mastro Vivetti uses rare and custom-smelt Hyshian glass for it's fitted lens.[1a][2a]


When looking through the Magnificent Macroscope the user gains a bird's eye view of the immediate around surrounding themselves. The device cannot focus on an area smaller than a square mile, but theoretically has no upper limit, but most individuals will collapse and begin to foam at the mouth if the view is expanded beyond a few hundred miles.[2a]

In the Free City of Greywater Fastness macroscopes are mainly used to track the movements of enemy forces and to more precisely aim the city's robust collection of ordinance.[2a]

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