Lore of Dark Storms

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A Shaggoth summoning the power of the Dark Storm[1a]

The Lore of Dark Storms is a collection of spells that can be used by the Thunderscorn wizards.[1b] The Dragon Ogor Shaggoths are the mightiest of these Thunderscorn Dragon Ogors, and at their bellowed call the mountains shake to their foundations and lightning is brought forking down from the skies. Dragon Ogors are intrinsicly linked to the power of lightning and the power of the dark storm. When struck by lightning, Dragon Ogors will find their rent flesh reknitted, broken bones and muscles fused together by the energy of the tempest, and possibly even allowing them to regrow lost limbs or severed heads.[1a]


Name Casters Description Sources
Thunderwave Thunderscorn Wizards that know the Lore of Dark Storms A blast of raw chaotic energy is released in all directions. Battletome: Beasts of Chaos (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 66-67
Hailstorm The Shaggoth utters an ancient incantation, and the skies respond by unleashing a debilitating hailstorm. Battletome: Beasts of Chaos (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 66-67
Sundering Blades Lightning crackles across the blades of those near to the caster. Battletome: Beasts of Chaos (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 66-67


The Thunderscorn Wizards able to cast these spells are:


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