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Lord Khuldrak's Reapers

Lord Khuldrak's Reapers are a Bloodbound Warhorde named for their leader, Lord Khuldrak.[1a][3a]


Age of Chaos

During the apocalyptic Age of Chaos this horde of Khorne worshippers was responsible for killing the last of the rift tribes and destroying the Orruks who seized the Beastgates. Lord Khuldrak himself slew the orruk warlord in a battle that became legendary for its brutality.[1a]



This warband is known for forging its own weaponry and armaments.[2a] They often brand or scarify their flesh in order to show their devotion to Khorne.[3b]


The colours of the armour worn by the Reapers is meant to emulate the fires of their forges.[2a]