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Lightcoursers are swift-footed quadrupeds that gallop amongst the northernmost regions of the inner Great Nations, with enough speed to keep up with the famously speedy Treerunners employed by the Hurakan temples, crossing from one side of the battlefield to the other.[1a]


When in direct sunlight, Lightcoursers are able to rapidly heal their wounds.[1a]


These beasts are so filled with energy that they are said to never rest, pawing restlessly even when stationary. Due to their restless nature, these beasts hate to be tethered and kept in one area.[1a]


As such, the taming of one is considered a rite of passage to becoming a Lumineth Vanari Lord Regent. Once a bond between the two is created, it is so strong that they will never abandon their riders no matter how far they stray from them, answering their clarion call at any given time.[1a]



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