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Lichis Evermourn is an Aelven Sorceress belonging to the Darkling Covens.[1] She and her swordsman companion Malazar were sent by her coven to recover an artefact from their coven's abandoned redoubt located in Shyish foothills of a dreary vale in the plains of Hallost.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Blessed Oblivion (short story)

Lichis Evermourn, and her protector-companion and friend Malazar had been dispatched by their Coven on a quest to recover a valuable artifact of pure Shyish realmstone in the form of a large amethyst from an abandoned citadel's catacomb, which used to be their Coven's guarded redoubt in the Realm of Shyish.[1]

On their journey towards their destination they stumbled upon a Khornate warband patrolling the hilly outskirts of the plains of Hallost. The encounter led into a skirmish against the much more numerous foe. Malazar staved off the enormous Khornate skullreapers with skill for a moment, but soon it became clear to Lichis that the fight was desperate and would not be going in the Aelves' favour. Lichis commanded Malazar to retreat to her and sacrificed his life to power up a devastating sorcery that consumed their foes with emerald energy in the spot. Regrettably for Lichis, the Slaughterpriest leader of the warband and two of his warriors survived her destructive spell and plunged forwards to subdue her. Now depleted of her magical resources Lichis' was forced into close combat with the savage warriors, that would ultimately be proven futile despite her practiced assurance. Yet before she was struck down, Klytos, a lone warrior of the Stormcast Eternals sent to scout the area for enemies charged into view and roared a challenge to the remaining Khornate warriors to try to save the Aelven sorceress. Brutal combat ensued where the Liberator struck down the two remaining Skullreapers, before being bested by the scythe-wielding Slaughterpriest. No killing-blow was made though, as Lichis conjured squirming worms of pure light to devour the Khornate leader from inside out, saving the Stormcast Eternal in turn.[1]

After the skirmish and brief greetings, Lichis persuaded Klytos to help and journey with her in now deceased Malazar's stead to reach and secure the artefact she was looking for, for the road to the destination was perilous and blocked by a Khornate war camp waging war against the Stormcast Eternals of the Celestial Vindicators defending fleeing refugees in the Hallost plains. She promised to reward Klytos's aid with restoration of his lost memories that he was desperately struggling with, for the realmstone artefact Lichis sought after had such restorative properties.[1]

For days Lichis and Klytos avoided enemies and spent time trekking towards the mountains where their destination awaited. During their trek Lichis became bored and tried to hit up a conversation with the refrained Stormcast warrior about reforgings and memories.[1]

Upon reaching the ancient citadel where the artefact lied within, Lichis and Klytos found two scavengers in the citadel's courtyards packing up their horses with loot. Not taking kindly to their intrusion and thieving of the abandoned stores and treasures, despite Klytos's objection Lichis mercilessly annihilated both men with green fireballs as they tried to flee in terror.[1]

Lichis beckoned the now ambiguous Klytos to follow her to the catacomb beneath the citadel's chapel, where they shortly after came into a large crypt littered with tombs. There within one enormous, signed sarcophagi Lichis found a seal swirling with symbols. She began working with a lengthy, eldritch incantation to break it, which caused a Knight of Shrouds, the crypt's guardian to manifest and attack Lichis and Klytos. With great effort, faith and by Lichis's encouragement Klytos managed to slay the spectral guardian. Briefly after Lichis finished her spell to break the seal and recovered the artefact hidden inside. Hesitant to reward Klytos, vaguely warning him of the consequences of restoring memories, yet true to her promise Lichis restored Klytos's lost memories causing him to become insane madman, unable to cope with the horrifying memories he had originally lost.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Lichis Evermourn had long dark hair, tapered ears, and a stark, frighteningly beautiful but unreadable face with ageless, large and dark eyes. Her gaze had a probing quality that seemed to penetrate into soul and consciousness.[1]

She looked dishevelled, and wore a cowl and cloak, and carried a staff capped by a scintillating green gemstone.[1]

Lichis made drolly and sarcastic remarks and comments. She thought Stormcast Eternals were dour and had lost everything that had made them human, and pitied the Stormcast warrior Klytos. Lichis was also bewildered and in wonder to see how ordinary the face of a Stormcast Eternal looked like, after Klytos had removed his helmet.[1]


I remind myself, that I am not what I remember, or who I was in the past. I am only what I do in the present. Actions define me, not memories.

~ Lichis Evermourn to Stormcast Eternal Klytos about how to endure forgetting memories..[1]


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