Legion of the First Prince

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Be'lakor is known as the First Prince of Chaos, for it was he who had first gained the favour of all four Dark Gods, long before Archaon had done so. His legion is composed of a wild gathering of daemonic footsoldiers of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. Known as the Legion of the First Prince, this nightmarish army has destroyed a countless number of empire and kingdoms over the aeons.[1d]


Be'lakor's antipathy to Archaon is stuff of legend, for Be'lakor claim to the title of Everchosen. Regardless, the two will join forces at time to conquer and despoil with formidable and terrible results.[1b] It is known that Be'lakor commands his demonic legion with absolute obedience, and the words of homage are known to draw the ire of Archaon.[1d]


The daemons who serve Be'lakor do not necessarily do so willingly. While some have been lured with the promise of power, many are coerced or outright forcibly bound to his service.[3a] Over the centuries, Be'lakor has even learned the true names of multiple Greater Daemons, and several of these powerful creatures act as his reluctant generals.[4a]

The faithful of Be'lakor prefer to operate in the shadows, hidden away from the far-seeing eye of Archaon only through the blessings of their Dark Master.[2a] Since the events of the Cursed Skies and the Siege of Vindicarum, Be'lakor has gained many mortal followers. The most favoured of all are led by Eternus, the treasonous champion of the Dark Master.[2a] Eternus himself has succeeded in turning almost the entire Eighth Circle of the Varanguard to his cause.[2b] Much of Be'lakors mortal host is made up of thousands of Chaos Legionnaires, who fight on the fringes of the Chaos hordes, targeting those yet to fall into the orbit of the Everchosen, to convert them to the faith of Be'lakor. These cells of Legionnaires are rallied by the Centaurion Marshals, terrifying creatures of great cunning and subtlety.[2c]


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