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Legion of Sacrament

Legion of Sacrament
Grand alliance Death
Major characters Arkhan

The Legion of Sacrament represents the myriad of forces under the command of the Mortarch of Sacrament, Arkhan the Black. [1a]

Arkhan calls upon his Legion to search the Mortal Realms for powerful relics, treasures and talismans even as he and his Black Disciples continue to refine and perfect their knowledge of the necromantic arts. The most secret and often dangerous of tasks are assigned to the most trusted Mortarch and his minions. [1a]

Nagash will call upon his Mortarch's to carry out his will and they either act themselves or more often, in turn call upon their own subordinates to lead elements of their vast legions into battle. [1a]


Meremghar is dispatched with a great host of the legion to the Realm of Ulgu to seek information about the lost god, Slaanesh. [1b]


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