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Korlock the Red is a Abhorrant Archregent and ruler of the Isle of Ghouls in the Great Parch of the Realm of Aqshy. [1b]


Age of Sigmar

Proctor-General Milarn Ghilgrave of the Order of Azyr led a formidable force to capture the Archregent, after a heavy bombardment by Gyrocopter squadrons and steam-galleons, a force of Stormcast Eternals managed to secure their prize despite heavy casualties. [1b]

For several weeks he was denied sustenance and bound in chains of consecrated sigmarite, cleansed daily with Aqua Ghyranis but still managed to kill six of the Proctor-General's retinue and took two fingers of Ghilgraves hand. Throughout this period, Lord-Arcanum Tresador sought to use a ritual to break the layers of delusion and managed to converse with Korlock. However the followers of the Archregent mobilised a armada of skin-ships and sought to rescue him. [1b]


I am a stern king but a just one. My people trust me to defend their lands from intruders and villains and to guide them through the darkest times. Most of all, they trust me to keep their bellies full. As you can see from the spread of sweetmeats before you, I have never failed to do so. Now come, my honoured guests;, you must join us as we partake in the feast of the Summerking. Share with me in this glistening bounty. I simply must insist.

~ Archregent Korlock. [1a]


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