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The Khainite faith is divided into a number of Sects, each of which focus on a particular interpretation or aspect of worship. Each sect has its own power base of temples and war covens but ultimately follows the dicates of Morathi in Hagg Nar.[1a]

Major Sects

  • Hagg Nar: The oldest of the sects, the Daughters of the First Temple worship Khaine in all his guises.[1b]
  • Draichi Ganeth: The most commonly seen in the broader realms, the Executioner's Cult worship the perfect killing blow and eschew the more underhanded arts of stealth and poison.[1b][3a]
  • Kraith: A wandering sect on an eternal war-pilgrimage, the Crimson Cult are uncompromising worshippers of brutal slaughter.[1b]
  • Khailebron: A secretive, nomadic sect, worshippers of the art of the assassin.[1b]
  • Khelt Nar: A hardy and zealous sect, growing in power and well-versed in the use of the weapons they craft from shadow-infused metal.[1b][2d]
  • Zainthar Kai: A sect of Scáthborn, the Blood Saints blaze with the power of Khaine.[2e]


Even before the initial expansion of the cult out of Hagg Nar, disputes between sects would occasionally turn violent; the founding of other temples outside the Helleflux Isles was an attempt to prevent the early cult's religious differences from tearing it apart. While recent relations between sects is nowhere near as poor as during the civil war known as the Blood Strife, significant bad blood remains.[1a][2a] Some notable relations between sects:

  • Hagg Nar is not shy about reminding other sects that Morathi favours them, which naturally causes tensions.[2b] Khelt Nar, in particular, is not shy about their ambition to replace the First Temple as the foremost sect in Morathi's eyes.[3a]
  • Draichi Ganeth has wary respect of the Kraith, though they consider the Crimson Cult to be crude; in return, the Kraith consider Draichi Ganeth to be too weak to fully commit to murder, though they respect them enough to partake in the ritual competition of Yaith'ril with them. By contrast, encounters between the Executioner's Cult and Khailebron often end in violence or at least vicious insults.[2c][2d]


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