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Cauldron of Blood 01.jpg
A statue of Khaine atop of a Cauldron of Blood
Domains Battle[1b]
Status Deceased
Affiliation Order
Followers Daughters of Khaine
Adjectives Khainite

Khaine was a aelf god of the World-That-Was that didn't survive the End Times. Even though he is dead he is worshipped by the Daughters of Khaine faction of the Mortal Realms.[1]


After the End Times, all of the remnants and fragments of power that had been gods were sought by those that had already awakened. Much of what once had been Khaine was captured by Khorne, forging the weapons of his favoured Bloodthirsters with shards of the murder god. But even he was unable to do anything with Khaine's heart, squeezing it with all his might only brought forth eight drops of blood. Furious, he hurled it into Mortal Realms and eventually it would end in the lair of Kharybtar. [1e]

The Iron Heart of Khaine began to slowly pulse with power as Morathi recreated his cult and during the Age of Myth Morathi followed the heartbeat to find it. She seduced the Godbeast but when she tried to take the artefact a great battle began between the two of them, ending in Morathi’s coils crushing him into unconsciousness. [1c]

Returning to the Realm of Ulgu she was able to use the heart [1a] and the mother cauldron, Máthcoir to channel the worship of the Daughters of Khaine into herself.[1f] Even though she knew it was futile, Morathi sends many war covens out to recover lost shards of the god throughout he ages. [1b]


Even though he is dead he is still worshipped by the Aelves and their Scáthborn kin that belong to the Daughters of Khaine. Morathi is the High Oracle of Khaine, though she only takes this role in order to drain the heart of power to ascend herself to divinity.It is possible that Khaine could resurrect himself if the power was not being drawn off by the High Oracle. [1d]

There are many Khainite sects, each worshipping a different aspect of Khaine with all members being either warriors or leathanam – male menials and slaves. The hierarchy of the cult is strongly defined. [1c]

  • Morathi, High Oracle is at the pinnacle, her voice is law and she rules with an iron hand. [1c]
  • The High Priestesses – Slaughter Queens, Blood Wrack Medusae and Hag Queens, although the exact relationship between each of these varies from Sect to Sect and their status with Morathi. [1c]
  • The Scáthborn are elite warriors and higher ranked than their aelf cousins. [1c]
  • Sisters of Slaughter and Witch Aelves with skill at arms usually determining their status within these groups. [1c]
  • Doomfire Warlocks are those few males that grow strong with the power of shadow. [1e]
  • Leathanam: the half souled, male servant caste, often used for sacrifice. [1e]


The Daughters of Khaine believe that their afterlife is one of eternal combat, watched by Khaine.[2a]


For the blood to speak it must first flow. Ten cuts is better than one, save for the deft slash that opens an artery. For almighty Khaine, let your blade drink deeply and often.

~ The Red Invocation .[1a]

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