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Image of Keldrek during the Malign Portents

Keldrek is a Malignant, a Knight of Shrouds, who serves Nagash having refused to serve Sigmar as a Stormcast Eternal[1]


He betrayed his people to Nagash, the God of the Dead and was transformed into a wraith. [2]

In the Time of Tribulations, he was tasked with directing vast legions of skeleton labourers to gather vitrified realmstone to construct a vast nexus of power in the form of an inverted pyramid in the Realm of Shyish[1]

He is armed with a Sword of Stolen Hours, which drains the life force of enemies and transfers it to a hourglass that hangs about his neck[2] thus increasing the lifespan of Keldrek himself.[3]


You who think yourselves safe from the fate you so richly deserve. Look upon these legions of the dead, and know that you will soon be amongst them, with maggots in your belly and dust in your lying mouths.

~ Keldrek, Emissary of the Prime Innerlands.[1]