Karak Thain

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Karak Thain was a Duardin Dispossessed City in the Realm of Chamon. [1a]


During the Age of Chaos it was attacked by the Hosts Duplicitous, a daemonic convocation of Tzeentch whose powerful magic allowed them to fight their way deep into the hold. However as Daemons infiltrated the Karak's deepest tombs they awoke the slumbering Troggherd of Brog which were drawn to the lights and chromatic capering, rampaging into the heart of the horde of daemons with Brug himself throttling the Lord of Change, the Phantom Lord out of existence. [1a]

Although the Troggherd would eventually be destroyed, its attack gave the remaining Duardin time to evacuate to what would become the Sky-port of Barak-Thargar. [1a]


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