Karak Ohrgaf

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Karak Ohrgaf was one of many Chamonic strongholds of the Duardin peoples that sought to escape the horrors of the age of Chaos by taking to the air. But unlike many of their kin, their fledgling fleet was wiped out.[1a]


Age of Chaos

The airfleet of Karak Ohrgaf successfully takes to the skies and flies high above into the solid, metallic clouds of the Realm of Chamon, where they seemingly vanish and not even their fellow Duardin know what becomes of them. Eventually the gruesome fate of the Duardin of Karak Ohrgaf is revealed when the wrecks of their ships begin to fall from the sky.[1a]

A singular vessel manages to dock in at Barak-Zon, whereupon three surviving Duardin of Karak Ohrgaf speak of the Beastmen who live above the clouds. Though many of the Kharadron of Barak-Zon are more intrigued to hear of the enormous pillars of aether-gold around which these bestial predators gather.[1a]


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