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Doggrok’s talkin’ to me, lads. He’s sayin’ dat da humies are mukkin’ about in Rondhol. They’re buildin’ up forts like they own the place. And worst of all, da lads in Rondhol ain’t doin’ nuffin’ about it! Uvverwise, Gork wouldn’t ’ave sent for us now, would he?


Ka-rokk is the Overboss of the Ironjawz warclan known as Da Choppas. Unusually for the Ironjawz, Ka-rokk is a Weirdnob Shaman instead of a Megaboss.[1a][2a]


Ka-rokk has an old maw-krusha named Godgouga.[1a]


Ka-rokk carries a staff topped with the skull of Doggrok, the previous Megaboss of Da Choppas. He carries Glowy Morkeyez mushrooms to eat when he wants to direct his visions - a technique he was taught by a Wurrgog Prophet.[2a]


As a shaman, Ka-rokk receives visions from Gorkamorka. He knows a trick to make his voice carry across the camp so all the orruks in the warclan can hear him.[2a]


Ka-rokk became overboss when Doggrok caught "a nasty case of spontaneous exploding" that the shaman had nothing to do with, according to Ka-rokk.[2a]

Da Choppaz came to Rondhol with the belief that the local orruks weren't doing a proper job of stomping out Sigmar's attempts to raise his banners on the continent. Ka-rokk convinced several Bonesplitterz tribes to join him after destroying a their idol at the Battle of Raka's Basin, and then joined forces with the local Kruleboyz, using their iron stores to build armoured rafts that could withstand sailing on the wild rivers of Rondhol.[1a] He also gathered great numbers of grots, ogors, and gargants under his banner, using them as auxiliaries to intercept any distractions so the Waaagh! could proceed to its ultimate target of Everquake City.[3a]


  • Ka-rokk has an easier time working with Bonesplitterz than most Ironjawz bosses due to being a shaman in charge of a warclan, similar to how Bonesplitterz warclans are usually led by Wurrgog Prophets.[1a]
  • He continues to speak to the skull of Doggrok atop his staff and ask its advice, despite not thinking much of the Megaboss' intelligence when he was alive.[2a]
  • His most trusted veterans are the Daggboyz, who excel at riling up the other Ironjawz and wear armour with many triangular "daggz" painted on it.[2a]
  • The ogor corsair Targug the Cleaver, as the commander of the most powerful fleet off Rondhol's coast, initially avoided engaging Ka-rokk's Waaagh!, but of late has found Ka-rokk's Waaagh! to be a great annoyance to his business of plundering coastal settlements and intends to face down the Weirdnob.[3a][4a]


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