Jorik Grunndrak

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Jorik Grunndrak: Duardin Master of the Arsenal, the most senior member of the Ironweld Arsenal in the city of Excelsis. [1]


He wears heavy, rune-marked armour over thick robes. [1]


He is said to be older even than the Warden Kings and that he witnessed Sigmar close the last Gates of Azyr, and helped craft the runes that kept the Three Brethren inviolate for five centuries. [1]


An old clan, ours. Venerable even when the world was young. We dug our way out of one world and into another, ahead of an all-consuming fire, or so the story goes. We left a lake enclosed by mountains, and came to new waters and new mountains. Formed a new clan from the ruins of the old

~ Jorik Grunndrak .[1]


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