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Titles Father of Beasts[1a]
Itzl the Tamer[2e]
Domains Beasts
Type Personification of the Old Ones[1b]
Status Unknown

Itzl is one of the deities venerated as an Old Ones by the Seraphon, though they do not truly recall the names or identities of their creators.[1a] Itzl is known as the Father of Beasts[1a] and Itzl the Tamer, as the Seraphon believe he is father, patron and lord of all coldblooded beasts, especially those of a predatory nature[2f]. Itzl is depicted as the most bestial of all the Old Ones, identified in Seraphon mosaic art by the sharpened fangs and elaborate head-crest that spawnings born under his stars sometimes share[2f]. Seraphon bearing his blessing give off a faint scent that lulls even the most savage reptilian beasts of the jungle into submission[2b], and posess an innate ability to commune with such creatures that allows them to command even the fiercest mounts[2f].


Itzl is revered as part of the sprawling pantheon of the Old Ones[2a] where he is considered the father of all coldblooded beasts, though especially Saurus and their war-mounts[2a]. While many constellations possess temples to Itzl, each filled with racks and racks of reptilian eggs and the Revification Engines necessary to hatch them[2e], his worship is most popular in Ghur[2a], where the Saurus-run constellation of Koatl’s Claw venerates him above all other Old Ones[2c].

Seraphon believe that the subspecies of Saurus that become Saurus Knights are blessed by Itzl[1a][1b], while the only Saurus capable of riding Aggradon are a subspecies defined by distinctive bone crests that mark them as Itzl’s chosen[2d].

The Skink priesthood claims Itzl despises Kragnos for his slaughter of coldblooded beasts in ages past and that in escaping from his timelocked prison the Drogrukh renewed Itzl's rage, binding it to the soul of the Aggradon species and allowing their eggs to hatch again[2c].

The resurgent Draconith race worship Itzl as a minor diety, though they discard aspects of him that involve the breaking and taming of reptilian beasts to instead frame him as a guardian spirit that protected their people against the Drogrukh[2b].


Bright shall Itzl’s stars blaze in the time of the great upheaval. As the lands crack and the pools of genesis are granted the Great Tamer’s boons, the legions of the gods will march forth in raiment of gold and glory. Thus shall the worlds be remade. Great shall be the devastation, and from such strife shall the vectors of fate realign...

~ Transcription of the Sacred Plaque of Xhoramaxa, recovered from the Dome of Crystal Skies [2a]


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