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Idoneth Deepkin

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Idoneth Deepkin
Akhelian King leading Namarti Thralls 01.jpeg
An Akhelian King leading a phalanx to war.
Grand alliance Order
Main grouping Enclaves
Major characters Lotann
Allies Cities of Sigmar
Daughters of Khaine
Stormcast Eternals
Races Aelf
Mounts Allopex
Fangmora Eel
Creatures Druilfish
Great Scaphodon
Luminar Fish
Spell lores Lore of the Deeps
Prayers Isharann Rituals
Scenery Gloomtide Shipwreck
Archetypes Isharann Tidecaster
Isharann Soulscryer
Akhelian Emissary
Warbands Elthain's Soulraid

The Idoneth Deepkin are a mysterious race of Aelves that live in isolation and secrecy within their Enclaves which are found in the depths of the oceans of the Mortal Realms. To the other races of the Mortal Realms they are cruel and swift raiders, who prey upon those that live along the coasts.[5s]


Age of Myth

During the last days of the World-that-was, Slaanesh glutted themself on countless aelven souls. The last he consumed were those who worshipped Mathlann, for they had hidden themselves well from his sight.[1]

During the Age of Myth, the aelven gods Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion, aided by Morathi's knowledge[2], sought out and captured Slaanesh. They then began the arduous task of extracting the half-devoured souls of Aelves from the Dark God's stomach. First to be saved were those aelves who had worshipped Mathlann. These were claimed by Teclis the Illuminator and they were recreated as the Cythai.[1] It was Teclis's desire that the Cythai would become the greatest and most noble of their kind. To this end he built them a city in the Realm of Hysh and taught them what he knew of the arcane arts. But in time the Cythai became insular, fractious, and resentful of Teclis. The Illuminator then chose to gaze into the souls of his creations and rather than seeing the light he had suspected, he found a a dark shadow hanging over their souls. The god cast great spells in an attempt to discern the secrets of the Cythai, but when many collapsed into madness, the rest fled for fear that their creator had chosen to kill them all.[1]

The first city of the Idoneth was named Gealrachi, and was hidden beneath the waves of the Gealus Ocean in Hysh. However, the Idoneth are a fractious race, and the discovery of Realmgates known as Whirlways saw the isolationist Aelves split into many Enclaves. The noblest of these enclaves were called Ionrach, who travelled to the Realm of Ghyran to establish their own city, Priom.[1]

The Idoneth had suspected their souls were contaminated. When the first aelf children were born the curse was realised: barely one in every hundred newborn aelves survived past infancy. Those with the spirit-sight could see their progeny were born with swiftly withering souls, who would live only a fraction of an Aelven lifetime. Idoneth desperately sought a cure for their race declined soul affliction.[1]

Many attempts were made by the Idoneth to sustain or cure those among them with withering souls, most of these arcane attempts failed. Eventually they attempted to draw the souls from sea beasts and implant them inside the inflicted, only to discover this method sustained them for a few scant days. The souls of Mortals proved more potent and so the Idoneth turned to reaving the coastal settlements of Humans, Orruks, Duardin, Aelfs, and Sylvaneth.[5b]


Whirlways are underwater Realmgates that connect various oceans, seas and lakes of the Mortal Realms. Using the whirlways, the Cythai were able to expand their undersea empire without having to rely on landbased realmgates.[5c]


Gealrachi, the First City.

The Enclaves, city-nations, of the Idoneth are hidden in the depths of the oceans of the Mortal Realms. Loosely connected by the underwater Realmgates known as Whirlways, the Idoneth are capable of supporting one another in times of dire need. These Whirlways are also used to launch raids across the Realms.[1]

Greater Enclaves

Descendant Enclaves


The enclaves of the Idoneth are split into three castes; the Akhelians, the martial caster, the Isharann the magical caster and the Namarti, the most numerous caste.

All Enclaves are governed by a ruling council comprised of Isharann and Akhelian. It is their task to determine the policy of the enclave, whether it be violent conquest or isolationism, or something else entirely. The Akhelian Kings who sit on the councils are expected to be both skilled commanders and statesmen, while those Isharann among the councils bring their imposing knowledge and arcane skills[5p]


The Akhelian are one of the two ruling castes of the Idoneth Deepkin. This caste is comprised of true-souled warrior elite of the Enclaves and the generals that command them. All Akhelians are expected to serve within the military and at an early age they are sent to schools known as Asydrazors to train them in military tactics and statecraft. Once their training is complete it is up to the individual Akhelian, their skill, and luck to rise through the ranks of the military.[5g][5t]

Some of the known roles of Akhelian are:

  • Akhelian Guard: The elite and swift moving cavalry of the Enclaves, mounted upon vicious Fangmora Eels. They are divided into two known variants; the Ishlaen Guard who are armed for defensive fighting and the Morsarr Guard who are armed to take the offensive.[5t]
    • Lochian Prince: Both variants are led by experienced soul-raiders known as Lochian Princes.[5t]
  • Akhelian Allopex: A unit comprised of two Akhelian mounted on an Allopex that has been broken by an Isharann Embailor. One pilots the helmeted beast as the other mans the harpoon launcher strapped to it's back.[5t]
  • Akhelian Leviadon: Leviadons are massive, shelled sea-beasts that are often used by Idoneth as devastating siege beasts. These are typically crewed by two novice Akhelian who man the harpoon launchers, a Namarti Void Drummer, and an Akhelian Ma'harr, who leads the crew and pilots the beast.[5t][5g]
  • Akhelian King: Akhelian Kings and Queens are the commanders of Phalanxes. They are veterans who have decades of experience under their belt and have risen through the ranks of the Akhelian through their own merits and skill. They ride upon the rare and deadly beasts known as Deepmares.[5t]


Clockwise, a Soul Warden, a Soulscryer, a Soulrender and a Tidecaster.

The Isharann are one of two ruling castes found within Idoneth society and are divided into many Fanes, or branches, that each specialize in a different form of magic. As such the Isharann are the priests and mages of the Idoneth. They are deeply intertwined with almost every aspect of Idoneth society, as they use their powers for a wide range of tasks. These include city-building, healing, soul-harvesting, and war. All Isharann are identified at birth by a Soulscryer, and are marked to attend the Túrscoll, a temple of learning where they spend most of their formative years, until they find a particular sphere to specialise in. Most Isharann feel a pull towards a certain calling, of which there are over a dozen. [5g][5b]

Some of the known Fanes of the Isharann are:

  • Chorralus: The builders of the Idoneth society.[5c]
  • Embailor: Those who specialize in breaking and 'taming' sea beasts, turning them into bond-beasts.[5q]
  • Ishratisar: The artificers of Idoneth society.[8a]
  • Soul Warden: The Soul Wardens serve many purposes within the Enclaves. They are the logisticians and tacticians of the Phalanxes and they can use their magic to preserve souls that have been separated from physical form.[5g]
  • Soulrender: The Soulrenders are responsible for the collection of souls during raids and battles.[5g]
  • Soulscryer: A fane that specializes in studying and mapping the soul. It is the Soulscryers who can peer into the soul of a newborn Idoneth and determine if they are Akhelan, Isharann, or a withered soul Namarti.[5g]
  • Tidecaster: Tidecasters serve many purposes within the Enclaves and the Phalanxes, but the most important is the creation of the Ethersea, the magical combination of water and air that allows Idoneth to live upon the ocean floor and intermingle with beasts that breathe through gills.[5g]
  • Tru'heas: The healers of the Idoneth Deepkin.[5g]


Namarti are the lowest and most populous caste of the Idoneth Deepkin, born with their souls withered and without sight. They are both blessed and cursed; they are still able to live, thanks to the efforts of the Idoneth raids, but live paltry and short lives in comparison to the rest of their Aelven brethren. They are the labourers and craftsmen of the Enclaves, bearing iron collars and Eldritch runes on their foreheads from the soul-transference process.[5r]

Common roles of Namarti:

  • Thrall: Most Nanarti serve the Enclaves as short-lived, subservient thralls. Most Thralls will serve as simple labourers or craftsmen, but the strongest and most physically fit will find themselves inducted into the Namarti Corps, the infantry of the Enclaves. Those that find themselves in the Corps face the full horrors of warfare and will often suffer the most casualties.[5r]
  • Reaver: Some Namarti within the Corps are employed as scouts and archers, duties that the Akhelians consider to be beneath them. Armed with Whisperbows they perform much needed reconaissance and information gathering.[5r]
  • Namarti Void Drummer: A Void Drummer is the only Namarti that serves within the crew of an Akhelian Leviadon.[5t]


Galanaur, capital of the Nautilar established atop a Great Scaphodon.

Most denizens of the Mortal Realms know little or nothing of the Idoneth Deepkin, for they have been fastidious in their isolation, cutting themselves off from the realms and shrouding their activities in arcane rituals and dark magic. A survivor of an Idoneth attack may have fleeting memories of them, but these will soon fade into half-remembered nightmares as the spells of the Tidecasters take hold. Yet the Idoneth's continual need for souls has finally etched their existence in the minds of several races, most of which now seek revenge on the aelves that have plagued their land and slain their peoples for centuries. The Idoneth can't make amends easily, for their curse can't be cured and souls must be harvested, yet several enclaves have pledged their allegiance to Sigmar and the forces of Order, promising to fight against he growing forces of Chaos wherever they can.[1]

The Kelpdar and Merwynn are afraid of Idoneth and everything that connected with them. [5c]

Known Wild beasts

The Idoneth interact with various wild underwater beasts without taming them as bond-beasts.

  • Ankusha – Shell Spines of this creature are near-unbreakable so are used by Idoneth Deepkin raiders to additionally goad their ferocious beasts in battle.[5l]
  • Augury Shells – Augury shells come from the Cerithium Sea. They enable the Idoneth spellcaster to better predict course of destiny.[5o]
  • Brain Barnacles – These nightmarish parasites native to the ethersea are microscopic arthropods which can attach themselves to brain tissue of sentient creatures and feed off their thoughts. Idoneth harvest this barnacles, capture them in vials and release them toward a most powerful enemies in battle.[5n]
  • Brón – The shells of these conches contain in them the lamentation of Lliandra, Awakened and great sorceress. When shattered the woe of Lliandra is released filling Idoneth around with stoic and sad grimness. [5m]
  • Carcinclaws - Big beasts with spiked armour so thick they are all but invulnerable, and with serrated pincers which can wasily cut aelf in two; native to the Realm of Ghur.[5i]
  • Deepmare - raiding beast of Idoneth leaders.[6]
  • Dritchleech - These incredibly rare worms feed upon magic so could drain even the most potent arcane energies. The Idoneth themselves long ago gain immunity to these worms effects but use them on the battlefield to suppress the magic of enemy spellcasters.[5n]
  • Gargadon - A colossal monstrosity.[5c]
  • Ghurish Kraken – Native to the Realm of Ghur as stated from its name, this Kraken has sword-length tooths. Idoneth Deepkin spellcasters can use one of such tooth to create a manifestation of slavering maw of this dreaded creature that can swallow enemies whole.[5o]
  • Gnawfish - A variety of fish that travel in swarms.[5c]
  • Great Scaphodon - A continent-sized beast, they live in Ghur and wanders into seabeds. The main city of Nautilar is located here.[5f]
  • Gyrfins - A predator native to Realm of Ghur.[5i].
  • Kalypsar - These creatures make the depths of oceans their hunting grounds.[5c].
  • Ketus-Shark – From the blood of this fish Idoneth Deepkin makes a ‘’’Potion of Hateful Frenzy’’’ which can fill the drinker with berserker fury. After some period though the effect of the potion wears off and the drinker became exhausted.[5l]
  • Kharibdyss - These creatures make the depths of the oceans their hunting grounds.[5c]
  • Krakigon - Krakigon prey on the smaller creatures of the oceans' depths.[5c] Krakigon have a natural pigment for concealing its location when need to withdraw. Idoneth Deepkin use this pigment-containing it in special vials. When such vial is shattered, the bearer is swiftly hidden in a darkness cload.[5m]
  • Living Coral - Corals that Idoneth Deepkin used for creating towers and citadels of their cities; native to Realm of Ghur.[5i]
  • Chorrileums - the great reef-conglomerates that contains all souls of the dead Idoneth of a nearby city also made from this corals.[5j]
  • Lampriachs - A variety of hostile creature that travels in swarms.[5c]
  • Lurkinarth - Predators of the deep seas.[5c]
  • Ochtar - A tentacled familiar.[4]
  • Sithilopod - A thousand-tentacled monster.[5c]
  • Terrornight Medusan – From the tentacles of this creature Idoneth distil a potent venom. The smallest cut of the weapon coated with this venom fill the victim with the feeling of approaching doom and cause severe pain.[5m]
  • Voracuda - Swarms of these creatures carry out attacks on Idoneth strongholds.[6]
  • Wolf Gnarcuda - A predator native to Realm of Ghur that attack in packs.[5i]


Since the founding of their Enclaves, the Idoneth have been forced to fight all manner of hostile sea creatures. As they became more accustomed to their new environments, many turned their hand towards trying to tame and establish a bond with these animals, seeing their potential as beasts of burden or allies in war. Most of these attempts to subdue sea monsters ended in violence, for no such bond could be found, save for a few successes where a handful of Ochtar and Deepmares cooperated with them. As such, the Embailor class of Isharann used magic to break them, ritually blinding them and enlisting them into the Idoneth's workforces. [5e]

  • Allopex - A raiding beast.[5e]
  • Druilfish - A Rock-boreing fish used for expanding the networks of undersea cities and to carve out underhalls[5e]
  • Fangmora Eel - A raiding beast.[5e]
  • Fuiadon - The molten discharges of this creature are used to fire the forges.[5e]
  • Gilotán - Mainly used by Fuethán enclave, this spiny beast can unleash flame at its enemies.[5h]
  • Leviadon - A great draft beast[3] and living fortress of Idoneth phalanxes.[5e]
  • Luminar Fish - Their bioluminescent light is used to brighten even the deepest and largest abyssal vaults.[5e]
  • Rakerdart - Used to help to Soulrenders to catch souls.[5k]
  • Scryfish - Shoals of these fish attack foes of Soulscryers with the spikes that jut out from their jaws.[5k]
  • Stórá - The arcane charge of this creature is used to power many of the fanes of the Isharann.[5e]
  • Teglai - The Telgai are giant sea snails, used as pack animals by the Enclaves of the Green Gulch.[8a]


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