Hurakan Windmage

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Hurakan Windmage riding upon a cloud.[2a]

Hurakan Windmages are wizards of the Lumineth Realm-lords. They are the wisest and most gifted of their order, being Hurakan of such prowess that the winds of their homeland regard them as family. Windmages feel more at home flying through the skies on their aelemental wind companions, rather than walking on land - to them, such an act is anachronistic to the extreme, in the same way crawling on all fours like an infant would feel to an adult. [1a]

Relationship with an Aelementor

The Windmage has a deep bond with its aelementor companion - one that is spiritual but also one of practical mutual benefit. The Windmage gets a potent and nigh-immortal ally with which to further the agenda of the Lumineth and the wind aelementor is able to travel to places that it might otherwise never explore; to these excitable and curious entities, moving from one realm to another is a wondrous opportunity to gust and rage across brand-new landscapes. Such aelementors even take a physical incarnation, bearing the Windmage from combat to combat. [1a]


Each Windmage is equipped with an Aspiragillum Wand, which forms a focal point for the aelementor to continue existing - without a physical link to reality, its sentience might disperse, leaving it no more than a scattering of kinetic energy. This means that the aelementor can remain whole and focused almost indefinitely, provided the aspiragillum keeps spinning, the wind will keep blowing and have a surety of purpose. Should the sacred artefact stop, the wind will lose its focus and perhaps be lost forever. Therefore if such a Windmage is slain, their Hurakan disciples will do their best to retrieve the tool and bear it back to their temple. [1a]



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