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Hurakan Windcharger

Hurakan Windchargers 01.jpeg

The Hurakan Windchargers are the warrior ranks of the Hurakan of the Lumineth Realm-lords. They are fast-moving hunters, moving across the battlefield with matchless grace. It is said that once the Windchargers set their eyes upon a mark, there can be no survival. They strike like the wind - impossible to catch, impossible to evade, and always racing strong. They are different to the Auralan Sentinels in that they do not let loose volleys of arrows, but a single sniper's shot, striking with precision to kill a target. [1a]


The key to the Windcharger's skill is their relationship with their wind aelementors - it carries the arrows around obstacles, through arrow-slits in fortresses, and piercing the gaps of the shieldwalls - all faster than that of a speeding bullet. As such, it is more common for the shot to simply tear off the head of the targe, striking with force more akin to a striking spear than a conventional arrow. [1a]


Windchargers tame their Treerunner mounts by singing them a soothing melody or tune to the beast' skittish soul. As such the mounts develop great loyalty to their rider, bearing them across the realms like a zephyr. [1a]


Windchargers are armed with Windcharger Bows. [2] They also carry swords, less for martial purpose and more out of concession to tradition, as they forsake it in favour of the bow. [1a]