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Hosts Duplicitous

The Hosts Duplicitous is one of the daemonic Convocations of Tzeentch that currently have the favour of Tzeentch.[1a]


The leader of the Hosts Duplicitous is known as the Phantom Lord.[1b]


The Hosts Duplicitous favour illusion and deceit as the best way to advance the plans of the Great Manipulator. Those who deal with daemons are warned not to ask them questions for their response will be nine times nine distorted truths, and untangling the truth from the lies will lead to madness.[1a]

Tzeentch sends the Hosts Duplicitous on covert actions and infiltration of heavily guarded places. In his name, they effect stealthy palace coups and other quiet revolutions.[1b]


In battle, the ranks of the Hosts Duplicitous are supported by illusory legions. These scintillating simulacra allow their true members to attack unmolested as their foes waste their energy fighting things that aren't truly there.[1b]