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'''Horse''' are a species of quadruped animal used by many races within the Mortal Realms as mounts.
'''Horse''' are a species of quadruped animal used by many races within the [[Mortal Realms]] as mounts.
An unspecified breed of horse ridden by [[Freeguild Pistolier]]s and [[Freeguild Outrider]]s into battle.{{Fn|18}}{{Fn|19}}
A breed of horses ridden by [[Freeguild Pistolier]]s and [[Freeguild Outrider]]s into battle.{{Fn|18}}{{Fn|19}}
===Aelven Purebreed===
===Aelven Purebreed===

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Horse are a species of quadruped animal used by many races within the Mortal Realms as mounts.



A breed of horses ridden by Freeguild Pistoliers and Freeguild Outriders into battle.[18][19]

Aelven Purebreed

Aelven Purebreeds or Aelven Steeds are a breed of horses primarily used by the aelven as mounts for cavalry or to pull chariots. The following are a list of several factions that use these mounts and how they use them:

Cannibal-horses of the Caldera

Partially reptilian steeds that will devour anything that falls beneath their scything hooves, even their own riders. The Horse-Lords of the Caldera are little better than their fearsome horses. [5]

Chaos Steed

Chaos Steeds are the ill-tempered horses ridden by the marauder horse-tribes that ravage the Mortal Realms.[6a][9]


Shadowmares or Dark Steeds are horses native to the Realm of Ulgu, they are swift, relentless, red eyed and obsidian-hooved.[3a][6g] The following are a list of several factions that use these mounts and how they use them:

Steed of Nulahmia

Steeds of Nulahmia are a breed of coal black, predatory horses of Neferata and her servants claim that no faster steeds exist than those bred in Nulahmia. Even the hardened Champion of Chaos Ahazian Kel was impressed by their speed, resilience and ferocity.[1]


Warhorses are a breed of horses primarily used by the Free Peoples. The following are a list of several factions that use these mounts and how they use them:

War Steeds

War Steeds are powerful, muscular dark destriers that pull Chaos Chariots in pairs or are ridden by Chaos Knights into battle. Some have grown horns.[6f][8][10][11]


  • The horses of the Vurm-tai nomads are spotted, long-limbed and equipped with boiled leather armor. The nomads used them to follow the migration routes of the Great Worms to pick what was left in their wake or raided the caravans that travelled in between them.[20]


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