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Horrek Venzai

Horrek Venzai is an Ossiarch Liege-Kavalos of Equuis Main. He fought in the War of Light and Death in both Shyish and Hysh.[1a][1b][2a]


  • Liege-Kavalos Venzai's first joins the war by leading the reinforcements to the garrison of the Triptych during the Lumineth attack on the fortress-statues. Ever prideful and eager for his Deathriders to engage the Vanari Dawnriders engaged with the Mortek Guard of the garrison, he orders his accompanying Mortek Crawlers to bombard the infantry to clear the way.[1b]
  • In the wake of the Lumineth victory at the Triptych, Venzai leads the hunt for the Lumineth armies in his homeland of Equus Main. His tireless deathriders eventually run down the Vanari Dawnriders and seize their bones.[1c]
  • While Venzai does not fight in any of the major battles in the retributive Ossiarch invasion of Hysh, he does travel there as part of the Ossiarch invading force. After the defeat of Nagash at Mount Avalenor, he retreats into the Vertiginous Peaks and subjugates the weakened Vertigon Flesh-Eater Court; some of the abhorrants of the court had protested at the burden of the bone-tithe imposed on them in the wake of their oaths of fealty, and at least one - Ghoul King Varshorn of Starfang Mont - had openly rebelled. He fortifies the mountains and plans for the day when he can once again go to war against the aelves.[2a]