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The crest of the Hollowmourne court, a dark mirror of the crossed blades that once symbolised their oath to the emperor.

The Hollowmourne is a Grand Court of the Flesh-Eater Courts .[1]


In the Age of Myth, the ancestors of the court served a mighty empire that spanned the Mortal Realms and in particular were favoured servants of the Emperor. Royal warriors from the Realm of Chamon, they were known as the Knights of the Hollowmourne and were tasked with guarding hidden enchanted vaults that housed mighty relics discovered by their ruler. This duty they carried out until the Age of Chaos as they, like so many others were overwhelmed by the forces of Chaos. [1c]

Survivors of the Order still roamed the realms, trying to survive and fight back but as they kept moving rations ran out and they turned to cannibal, devouring their servants and eventually their mounts - an act which broke their minds. The members of the Grand Court still consider themselves part of their ancient noble order, devouring corpses that they confuse with relics they are keeping safe.[1c]

During their movements, Flesh-eaters of the Court discovered Bloodreavers feasting on the dead and outraged they charged and wiped them out before themselves devouring all the dead. [1b]


Flesh-Eaters of this court are well known as devout believers, seeing Nagash as the only true god and declaiming all other deities as false gods. They destroy any temples or monuments to such pretenders and slaughtering their worshippers as idolaters, having overthrown altars to Gorkamorka, laying waste to cities that have errected statues to the glory of Sigmar and toppling great icons to the gods of Chaos. The bones of the dead worshippers are then used to create a new effigy to the Great Necromancer. [1a]


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