Hobgrot Slittaz

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Hobgrot Slittaz are mobs of Hobgrots that often accompany the Kruleboyz to war. Armed with weapons made by corrupted Duardin they march to war to vent their spitefulness in battle.[1a]

Units of Hobgrot Slittaz are led by a Hobgrot Boss.[2b]


Hobgrots play an important role in Kruleboyz society acting as intermediaries between the Orruks and the corrupted Duardin of Hashut in the exchange of captives for Duardin materials and forge secrets during which the Hobgrots skim some of the loot for themselves. [1a]

Mobs of Hobgrot Slittaz join the Kruleboyz in their campaigns to secure their investments or as an opportunity to exercise their malice.[1a] Hobgrots Slittaz are capable of impressive displays of military discipline and may even march in lockstep although they also have the tendency to revert to insulting, backstabbing, and tripping each other when the attention of Orruks are diverted away. However, when the enemy is in "killin' range" they would quickly reform their formations unleashing barrages of Duardin explosives while charging to finish off the survivors with razor-sharp blades.[2a]


Hobgrot Slittaz are armed with a variety of explosives such as Sulphuric Scrap-Grenades swindle from the arsenals of their Duardin paymasters. These weapons are considered to be of the lowest of the low by the standards of the Duardin Hellsmiths but the Hobgrots value the destructive potential of these gas grenades, thermal bombs, and other explosives. Half of the grenades release toxic gas which are then ignited by the other half creating blistering explosions. The flammable swamp mists used by the Kruleboyz could also enhance the lethality of the explosions resulting in many Hobgrots falling victim as well but this is seen as just a hazard of the job.[1a][2a]

When in melee they swap the explosives for twin razor-sharp Slitta-knives which they can dual-wield quite effectively due to their dexterousness.[2a][2b] Some are Noise-makers that carry musical instruments while standard-bearers carry Scrap Totems.[2b]



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