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Heralds of Khorne are the strongest Bloodletters and the lieutenants of the Daemons of Khorne armies. Rampaging combat masters capable of single-handedly taking down entire squads with their martial skill and sheer savagery.[1a] They wield Blades of Blood into battle.[2a][2b]


Bloodmasters are herald that lope into battle on foot, his murderous aura driving his fellow Bloodletters to fight harder. They will slit throats and split torsos, only decapitating the worthy. Only the daemons that have accomplished particularly notable acts of brutality are given the title of Bloodmaster. They have the same battle acumen and the grasp of tactics of their daemonic comrades but have been granted an additional portion of Khorne’s rage thus when their wrath builds, the emanations of its battle-lust fuels nearby Bloodletters, lending a portion of the champion’s unfettered fury to their own attacks. [2a][3a]


Skullmasters are heralds which have asserted their will over a Juggernaut of Khorne, making a pairing far deadlier than if they were divided. Few can withstand the furious bladework and hulking mount of a Skullmaster. Those not split open by the rider’s blade of blood and drained of their essence are ground to bloody paste beneath the Juggernaut’s smouldering hooves, or spitted upon its razor-sharp horns. Any foe that survives the frenzied biting and goring of the mount is likely going to be crushed by it's brass body or killed by the riding Herald.[1b] Their warcries are louder than the hoofbeasts of their mounts and they lead their brethren from the front.[2b]

Some of the most feared of all Skullmasters lead Bloodthunder Stampedes, large formations of daemonic cavalry that shake the ground with their charge thst sweep the battlefield leaving only pock-marked earth, each crater filling with the blood draining out of the pulverised remains of the foe.[3a]


Rendmasters are heralds who have risen high enough in Khorne's favour to be granted a Blood Throne, a daemon engine said to be forged from a sliver of brass from the Blood God's throne itself and made in its image. As the throne tears into enemy lines, its attendants feed the skulls of cowards to the throne to heal it of any damage it had suffered while the Rendmaster takes the skulls of the brave to offer to Khorne.[3b]

Other variants

There are other variants such as Brassfiends and Sacred Executioners.[3a]




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