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Heldelium was one of many cities of Sigmar's civilization scattered across the Mortal Realms that fell during the Time of Tribulations.[1a]


The city of Heldelium was built around the river of Purewater and was surrounded by plains, upon which many fortified farms were built. The Shifting Highway was one of the main thoroughfares into the city.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The fall of Heldelium, sporadically recorded in the diary of a Freeguilder, began on the month of Azyr's Gleaming. During the seventh day of this month the city's fortified farms along the Shifting Highway stopped sending in supplies, a patrol led by Callos Mourne discovering they'd fallen to the undead.[1a]

A longscout is dragged from the Seven Moons tavern on the tenth of Azyr's Gleaming by Anvils of the Heldenhammer for spreading horrific tales of what was discovered at the farms and on the thirteenth Johan the Grift is arrested for selling bones to from pauper's graves, claiming they came from saints. An investigation is launched to find his customers, for fear their purchases might spread graverot.[1a]

On the nineteenth more farms are destroyed and more patrols are sent out. Refugees from the surrounding plains flood in with tales of hordes of the undead on the march, the Seers of the Tally Hills prophesize doom is coming to the city, and massive rats burst out of the city's sewers at the Tangles and Tallow Street.[1a]

By the twenty-fourth of the month the city was gripped by terror. The affluent Old Families began to lock up their estates and hire additional guards and priests, they also begin refusing visittors. Whilst the rest of the populace turned to dangerous superstitions, and outright persecution and execution of their fellows, at the behest of the Brothers of Repentance. Measures to combat the coming undead prove unwieldy and useless, as the dead never come.[1a]

On the twenty-eighth the Anvils of the Heldenhammer and longscout regiments of the city's Freeguild march to confront the undead that have amassed on the Shifting Highway. The garrison regiments are left to defend the city. Torrential rains flood much of the city, worsening the citizenry's mood further.[1a]

On the thirty-first the Brothers of Repentance lead their mob to burn outwilder citizens alive, claiming they are tainted by having lived too long in the 'cursed lands' of the Realm. The garrison regiments mass to end this madness, even as further disasters grip the city in the form of wells drying up, the rats preying on the honeless, and the Purewater river turning black.[1a]

The Freeguilder's journal does not pick up again until the second day of Golden Harvests. By then the Brothers of Repentance have been defeated but only after they had breached the walls of two of the city's Freeguild barracks, Hangman's Wall and Hawkswatch Tower, and the author is the only survivor of a third, Crowswatch Barracks. Soon after the author, having set out to rescue his lover, finds the Old Families have vanished, their guards and priests lay dead.[1a]

The next day the city is overrun by Skaven who turn their monstrous weapons on any in the city still alive, easily besting the city that had torn itself apart in fear.[1a]


The city's governing body was known as The Council among locals.[1a]



The most influential families of the city were known as the Old Families, they were known for looking out for themselves and turning their noses toward the rest of the populace.[1a]


Before its fall Heldelium maintained a number of fortified farms, from which it received crops, along the Shifting Highway and collected tolls upon the wagons that entered the city through its gates, such as the Weaver's Gate. Henkha furs were one trade good known to be imported into the city.[1a]

The local currency used by the city are coins known as Crowns.[1a]


As is the norm for cities within Sigmar's domain, Heledelium maintained Freeguild forces which were divided into a mubers of garrison and longscout regiments. A force of Anvils of the Heldenhammer led by Callos Mourne also operated within the city.[1a]


  • Crowswatch Barracks: A Freeguild garrison found within the city.[1a]
  • Sandway: A street within the city, where the influential Old families lived.[1a]
  • Hangman's Wall: A Freeguild garrison found within the city.[1a]
  • Hawkswatch Tower: A Freeguild garrison found within the city.[1a]
  • Seven Moons: A tavern in the city.[1a]
  • Sandway: A street within the city.[1a]
  • Tallhallows: A district of the city, near Weaver's Gate.[1a]
  • Tallow Street: A street within the city.[1a]
  • Tally Hills: A place in the city where its Seers congregate.[1a]
  • Tangles: A district of the city.[1a]
  • Weaver's Gate: One of the city's gates.[1a]
  • Winter Heath: A graveyard.[1a]



  • Brothers of Repentance: A zealous religious group that rose to prominence in the city's final months, encouraged its citizens to engage in deadly superstitions, and eventually led mobs to begin burning Reclaimed citizens. Eventually put to the sword by the city's Freeguilds.[1a]