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Titles Father of Darkness
Burning God[4]
Domains Fire[7]
Infernal Industry
Type Daemon-God[3]
Affiliation Chaos
Followers Legion of Azgorh
Forge Anathema
Horns of Hashut

Hashut, also know by his title as the Father of Darkness, is a dread deity worshipped by many Chaos Duardin.[1][2][5]


Hashut is associated with bull iconography and is often depicted as a blazing bull-headed monster wreathed in pitch-black smoke. [7]The Bale Taurus is called the Tauri of Hashut.[2]


The exact nature of the Father of Darkness is only to his most loyal prophets. Others have provided many theories on the origins of deity such as a demonic abomination, an ancient daemon prince to some other foul entity. [7]

Hashut is worshipped as a god of fire and tyranny that demands eternal subjugation in return for providing the strength to survive and prosper. He is fond of combining dark sorcery with forge-craft, secrets of which are granted to his followers to produce nightmarish daemon engines and weapons of mass destruction. His followers have conquered many territories of the Mortal Realms and transformed them into ashen wastelands upon which daemon-forges and mustering grounds are erected. [7]


Hashut is worshipped by Chaos-corrupted Duardin, masters of internal industry that utilise their industrial might to advance the deitiy's aims.[7] He is worshipped by the Duardin of the Legion of Azgorh and amongst them is Shar'tor, his favoured Ba'hal headman. The creations of his priesthood are the Ba'hal, fusions of centaur and duardin blessed with Hashut's wrath, and the K'daai Fireborn, born from daemonic fire caged in metal.[2] He is worshipped by the twisted Duardin forgemasters that rule over the Forge Anathema. They will not utter his name to the uninitiated, only referring to him by his title as the Father of Darkness. [1a]

Many nations and races have been subsumed into Hashut's empire, their denizens forced to choose between eradication or a never-ending servitude. Thus many cultures and species now carry the banner of Hashut. Among them are the Horns of Hashut, warbands of Human thralls that have adopted the worship of Hashut, abandoning concepts like compassion and mercy due to living their entire lives with the Chaos-worshipping Duardin. They march ahead of legions of corrupted Duardin, leaving wastelands in their wake upon which sprawling daemon-forges and dark armouries can be constructed in. [2][7]

In the Salamander's Spine Mountains, the now-desolate ancient centre of Fyreslayer culture, travellers occasionally come across metal obelisks and leering battleforges glowing with fell power and carved with duardin runes praising the Father of Darkness and his unnamed first prophet.[8a]


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