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Hanging Valleys

Map of the Hanging Valleys.
Eldritch Fortress of Anvrok.

Hanging Valleys is a sub-realm found hanging in the Void high within Chamon's firmament. Above it hangs the Alchemist's Moon.[1a][2][3]

Great Crucible

Great Crucible is a valley kingdom composed of liquid metal, kept molten by warpfire breath of Argentine, the Silver Wyrm. The heated metal flows down the Argent Falls and the Denvrok Precipice, making silver rivers across Anvrok and Denvrok respectively. The Citadel of Thrond is located here and the Eldritch Fortress after the Chaos sorcerer Ephryx moved it.[2]


Anvrok is a great valley kingdom located in Chamon between the Bright Tor mountains, the Vaulten range and the cliff faces that lead to the Void. Now it's little more than ruins as it people were reduced to nomadic tribes or worse and it's cities lay in waste.[1a] The Lode-Griffon used to inhabit it before being expelled by Argentine.[3]

The following locations can be found here:

  • Ruins of Elixia: The metallic ruins and copper-sculpted arches of the kingdom of Anvrok destroyed by the forces of Ephryx the Ninth Disciple of Tzeentch. The Eldritch Fortress laid there protecting Ghal Maraz until the Stormcast Eternals went to recover it. The chaos sorcerer escaped by transporting the entire fortress to the Great Crucible. The ground here is described as a metallic crust of coppery earth.[1a][1d][2]
  • Bright Tor Mountains: The mountain ranges that separates Anvrok from the Void. Here hides the Bright Tor Gate and the hidden Realmgate Silverway. Many beasts hunter here.[1a][2]
  • Vaulten Range: The steep cliff fates that separates Anvrok from the Void.[1a][2]
  • Silver River: A river of molten silver that flows across Anvrok, originates from the Argent Falls of the Great Crucible. Flows into the mouth of Vytrix.[2]
  • Glimmerlands: A region between the Silverway and the Ruins of Elixia, where it's settlers had found Ghal Maraz after Sigmar lost it.[1c]


Denvrok is one of the lowest of the hanging valleys, where the Mercuria Valley is located. The river of silver that runs across this hanging valley originates from the Denvrok Precipice, a waterfall that flows from the Great Crucible.[2]


Kantrok is one of the lowest of the hanging valleys. The Silver River of Anvrok would flow here if not for Vytrix, which is devouring the liquid metal.[2]


The Defense of the Silverway and the Siege of the Eldritch Fortress

Centuries before the Age of Sigmar the settlers of the Glimmerlands found Ghal Maraz and built a great monument with it as it's centrepiece. Ephryx believing he could harness the power of this artefact gathered slaves of all nations, races and creeds and forced them to built the Eldritch Fortress, and used their remains to siphon off the magic of the artefact.[1c]

At the dawn of the Age of Sigmar a Knight-Azyros was sent to establish ties with the Duardin of Anvrok and three brotherhoods of Celestial Vindicators were sent to find and defend a hidden Realmgate, the Silverway. The sorcerer Ephryx seeing the lighting bolts and with the knowledge his master had given him of the events in Realm of Aqshy had recognised them as the Stormcast Eternals. Presuming Sigmar had sent them after Ghal Maraz, he planned to use the magic resident in these warriors to complete his plan.[1a] Ephryx and his Bleak Horde attacked the Celestial Vindicators at the Silverway, but after having his warriors slaughtered he ran back to his Eldritch Fortress.[1b] The Stormcast marched through the Glimmerlands, swearing oath of vengeance upon the Chaos Sorcerer, while Sigmar dispatched more Warrior-Chambers to take over the Bright Tor Gate. They would fall into his trap that would allow him to use the power of the Stormcast and Ghal Maraz to to redirect every realmgate in Chamon to Tzeentch's Crystal Labyrinth.[1c]

As the Celestial Vindicators travelled through the Ruins of Elixia they were attacked by metallic hounds and enchanted blades and armor, and the Judicators destroyed any daemon gargoyle and ensorcelled skull they could aim a bolt at. They decided to attack the eastern gates their warchants and explosive warriors provoking the chaos worshippers, including their Lord Maerac of Manticorea to open the gate to te fortress to attack them. These were sharp-minded warriors so after the first wave was slaugthered they hide behind their lines enchanted shields that made them invulnerable to Judicators arrows. Thostos develop a quick tactic of firing bolts upon the metallic floor beneath them to channel the electric energy through their feet.[1d] Once they were in they started to destroy the skulls that stored the energy and the sorcerer started to panic, casting several spells, unleashing a Mutalith Vortex Beast that transformed the stormcast into random things. Unfortunately Thostos was turned into living sigmarite and slaughtered the creature and seeing that in made the sorcerer use a spell to turn life into death and killed every Celestial Vindicator near the fortress. The last thing that Thostos saw was a heavenly light that Sigmar would identify as Ghal Maraz in his report.[1e]


  • Duardin: Staunch allies of Sigmar that had disappeared even before the God-King closed the Gates of Azyr.[1a]
  • Copper-skinned Beastmen.[2a]
  • Metal-feathered carrion birds with shear-beaks.[1c]
  • Silver-skinned hounds with molten metal slavering from their jaws.[1d]
  • Enchanted chaos armor and curved blades that moved by themselves.[1d]
  • Daemon gargoyles.[1d]
  • Cog-scaled fish.[1e]