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The Realm of Hysh with HaixiaH at the edges.
Part of HaixiaH's southeastern section.

Haixiah, sometimes written as HaixiaH, is the most esoteric and magically suffused of the Ten Paradises of Realm of Hysh. It also serves as Hysh's Realm's Edge. It is an uncanny, uninhabitable land that encircles the rest of the realm, wherein the fjords are rimmed with precise fractal shapes and quartz-like structures of solidified light.[1][3a]


Age of Sigmar

Haixiah became the sight of a great battle in the final days of the Soul Wars, as Arkhan the Black chose the Gates of Paradox, a Realmgate in the Desert of Ending, as the site for a dark ritual intended to unleash a wave of necromantic energy across the Realm of Light. This plan was discovered by the Scinari Council, whose High Scinari contemplated in silent communion over whether to send a force to stop the ancient liche, for any such force would surely be destroyed by the magics of the Realm's Edge. In the end it was decided that Arkhan could not be ignored and a call to arms was sent. Only one being was swift to answer this call, the Light of Eltharion, for all new such an expedition would be their last. An army of volunteers soon arose with Eltharion at its command. Few would reach their destination, with those who did not horrifically transformed by the magic of the Realm's Edge. Those who survived fought against Arkhan and his Null Myriad, the battle eventually ending when Eltharion cast the liche into the Aetheric Void.[3a]