Hagg Nar (Temple City)

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Hagg Nar, the first temple city and the heart of the Khainite Cult, is a city in the Umbral Veil in the Realm of Ulgu [2c]


Age of Myth

After Morathi was banished to the Helleflux by her son, Malerion, she founded the temple-hold of Hagg Nar on one of the Helleflux Islands near Helleflux [2c]. In just a few generations, the fortress grew into a shrine-filled city. [1a]

Age of Chaos

As Luxcious Hosts march on Hagg Nar, Morathi invokes the first Caillich Coven and summons warriors from every Khainite sect. The Battle of Druchxar saw the largest Scáthborn force ever seen, with hosts of Khinerai and Melusai. At the height of the battle, Morathi herself drives her spear deep into Luxcious' chest, banishing the great demon back to the Realm of Chaos. [1b]

Age of Sigmar

During the Time of Tribulations, a coalition of Hedonites of Slaanesh and Clans Eshin skaven lay siege to Hagg Nar, even managing to breach the outer walls and engage in vicious street fighting with the defenders. Another Caillich Coven is called and drives the invaders away from the city. Several Keepers of Secrets and Verminlord Deceivers, turned to crystal by the scáth touch, are mounted on the ramparts to show the realms what happens to those who attempt to attack Morathi's capital.[4a]

After Morathi betrays the Stormcast Eternals at Varanthax's Maw and steals the Ocarian Lantern from the Idoneth Deepkin, she retreats to Hagg Nar to complete her greatest ritual yet. Plunging deep into the mother cauldron of Máthcoir, Morathi reaches into the bowels of the chained Slaanesh. As the ritual progresses, a host of Idoneth Deepkin led by High King Volturnos races to reclaim the Ocarian Lantern, only to be forced into a bloody three-way combat between them, the Daughters of Khaine and a horde of Slaanesh worshippers that rushes to the shores by Hagg Nar, known as the Battle of Hagg Nar [2a][3]. However, they cannot prevent the newborn goddess of blood and shadow from rising from the cauldron in the center of the temple city. [2a]


Hagg Nar is inhabited by Daughters of Khaine of the similarly named sect [2c]


Hagg Nar is an important trading partner for Misthåvn despite tensions with the Khainites, and traded goods include shadow-woven silks, illusory amulets, and captives for Khainite sacrifices. [2b]


The city have libraries which contain heavily censored tomes.[5a]