Gulping God

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Gulping God
Titles Gulping God
Great Beast that Consumes Realms
Domains Destruction
Type Elemental deity
Status Active
Aspects Gulping God
Hungering Predator
Home Ghur
Affiliation Destruction
Followers Ogor Mawtribes

The Gulping God, also known as the Great Beast that Consumes Realms, is an aspect of Gorkamorka worshipped by the ravening hordes of the Ogor Mawtribes. Much like the Ogors themselves, the Gulping God is imagined as a ravenous and violent monster, concerned only with seeking out and messily devouring his next meal.[2b]

Creation Myth

Ogor creation myths allege that the Gulping God's appetite could not be quenched with any amount of meat, and therefore resorted to snacking on the realms themselves. They claim that the canyons between mountains and pits within plains were all formed from the Great Beast's teeth tearing out chunks from the earth. Still unsatisfied with his meal, the god began to drool, his divine salivation dripping into the bite marks he had left in the realmcrust. From these pools of saliva emerged the first Ogors as physuical manifestations of the Gulping God's hunger. It is therefore their destiny to ingest as much of the Mortal Realms as they can, wearing them down into more manageable mouthfuls for their god to finish devouring entirely.[2b]



The Sun-Eater is an incarnation of the Gulping God revered by the Firebellies. According to legend, during the Age of Myth the Gulping God swallowed the red sun of Ghur, even as its scorching volatility burned up his insides. As the great heat rose within the Sun-Eater's belly, he belched out a huge wave of molten flame, which the Firebellies allege coalesced into the realm of Aqshy itself. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the Sun-Eater's children attempt similar acts of consumption in reverence on their deity.[2b]

Hungering Predator

The Beastclaw Raiders worship Gorkamorka as the Hungering Predator.[3a]


According to one legend, the Everwinter that forever stalks the Beastclaw Raiders is Gorkamorka's frozen breath, which he cast upon the ancestors of the Beastclaw Raiders for feasting upon the remains of ur-bear Jorhar, which Gorkamorka saved for himself.[2a]


At the culmination of a Mawtribe's migratory conquest, it return to its ancient Glutthold carrying vast hauls of meat gathered from its raids. The bounty is poured into the immense and sacred Mawpots around which thousands of Ogors will feast, fight and give praise to the Gulping God in a great celebration of virility that births the next generation of Ogors.[1b]

The Firebelly shamans revere the Sun-Eater by seeking out volcanoes, magma spouts, lava lakes and other volatile natural wonders that they view as manifestations of their deity's combustible hunger. They dance and pray before these phenomena, and consume flammable ingredients of various types to stoke raging fires within their giant oiled bellies. They then hunt down their prey by spitting streams of liquid flame that scorch flesh and melt armour to bubbling liquid.[1g]


The Gulping God will send visions to those who eat well, beckoning them to a constant cycle of slaughter and feasting. Even the unsentimental Ogors respond those favoured with their god's attention, if only because following them is a reliable route to good meat. Amongst the Gutbuster warglutts, the Gulping God bestows his insights most commonly upon Butchers, who sever as both spellcasters and spiritual leaders for their Mawtribe. For those Ogors wandering without a Mawtribe, the Guilping God keeps them focused on what truly matters: eating, fighting, and eating some more.[2b]

The Gulping God's aspect of the Sun-Eater is revered by the Firebelly shamans that lead his cult. In order to join the cult, an Ogor must seek out a Firebelly shaman and be subjected to a number of lethal rituals. First, their hair is scorched awa though the application of chemicals. Sacred tattotes are scrawled across their skin in ink, and finally they must seek out an devour a Magmadroth, and act which brings them in conflict with the Fyreslayers.[1g]

Great Mawpots

A Great Mawpot is the most prized possession of any Mawtribe. The immense iron cauldron serves as both a cooking tool and a shrine to the Gulping God. Great Mawpots are usually placed at the centre of a Mawtribe's nomandic camp, surrounded by campfires, where the entire tribe will gather in the aftermath of a raid for a great feast - or 'gutbash' - in Gorkamorka's honour.[1a]

Religious Sites

  • The Hungry Mountain: A mountain in the Ghur was a site of great religious pilgrimage, where the Butchers and Slaughterpriests of every Mawtribe gathered with their finest ingredients and quality meats. There, the shamans of the Gulping God partook in a great display of butchery and gruesome ritual, competing against their peers to cook up the finest offering to Gorkamorka. The gastromantic magic was so potent at the summit that the Hungry Mountain tore itself out of the earth and embarks upon a ravenous rampage, cramming forests, hills ad luckless mortal settlements into its rocky maw.[1e]
  • Butcher's Gorge: The Glutthold of the Aqshy-based Bloodgullet Mawtribe is built around a vast bubbling underground lake that holds great spiritual significance for all faithful followers of the Gulping God. The Bloodgullet claim that somewhere beneath the lake lies one of Gorkamorka's broken ribs, torn from his body during his dual with Sigmar. It is said that the marrow of this cracked bone still seeps Gorkamorka's blood, forming subterranean rivers that feed the gruesome baths of the Butcher's Gorge, the Glutthold of the Bloodgullet. Butchers from other Mawtribes and warglutts occasionally make pilgramiges to the Gorge to wallow in its gore-springs as they seek a greater connection to the Gulping God.[1f]


The Ogors of the Vintrbad Mawtribe fight in the armies of Archaon the Everchosen. Over time, they have gradually taken on the heraldry of their new master, wearing scavanged hell-forged steel and inking their skin with the blasphemous symbols of the Dark Gods. Although they claim to still worship the Gulping God, they are looked upon with suspicion and scorn by any right-thinking Ogor. Mercenary work, such as that of the Maneaters, is one thing, but to adopt strange relgions and foreign customs is quite another.[1e]


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