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Guardians of the Dawnspire

Guardians of the Dawnspire are a group of aelven Swifthawk Agents that protect the Dawnspire and the magical artefacts, like the Stone of Falling Skies, guarded within.[1]

Their forces are led by High Warden Ilnarion, riding on his Griffon Haladra, supported by a garrison of Spireguards, with banners of crimson and cerulean and a sea dragon sigil led by Aedarys, and Reavers. From afar the seers of the Eldritch Council of the White Tower of Synarsis observe the spire ready to bring Archmage Eldorel and its Swordmasters bodyguards if its ever needed.[1][2]

The Ripsnikk's Raiders invaded the Dawnspire and fought it's guardians from a Gnaw-hole while the High Warden was out on an aerial patrol and before the Archmage of the White Tower could arrive to warn them.[2]