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Grundstok Marshal Ragnar Kling-Harald of Barak-Zon.

The Grundcorps, or Grundstok Companies, are the kharadron megacorporations that sell the service of their highly trained and equipped professional soldiers.[2b]

Their Grundcorp Academies are present in countless sky-ports. The disciplined sharpshooters and pilots drilled in those institutions are oathsigned into contracts of service to the Grundcorps' various clients.[2b]

The Grundcorps' biggest clients are the various sky-fleets that dominate the skies of the Mortal Realms.[2b] In exchange for protecting the lucrative assets of the sky-fleets, the Grundcorps usually receive charters and shares in the fleets' profits.[2b]

  • Motto: Kazar valrhank - Protect with honour.[2b]


The Grundcorps were established by Belegrimm Grundstok, though some credit Master Gunner Olgrimm Grundstok, soon after the Sky Exodus.[2b][1a] The origin of the company lays in the outstanding success of the thunderers of the ancient Grundstok Clan.[1a]

It was Belegrimm Grundstok who trained the then warriors of the Grundstok clan into units of crack shots.[2b] Taking advantage of the growing renown of his clan's military successes, Olgrimm Grundstok organised the Grundstok clan into the Grundcorps.[2b][1a]

This newly founded corporation rose to become one of the greatest military formations in the Mortal Realms, as such they have mirrored the growth of the burgeoning Kharadron Empire.[2b][3a]

Following the decrees of various Admiralties made in reaction to the Garaktormun, the Grundcorps trained, equipped and formed the Black Marines, specialised Grundstok units made to counter non-physical entities.[2a]



Professional infantry troops:

Escort fighter crafts:

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