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Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Gitmob
Gloomspite Gitz
Environments Caves, Forests, Plains, Wetlands
Type Mortal

The Grots are a race of Greenskins that populate the Mortal Realms and the diminutive cousins of the Orruks. They are warlike and unpredictable creatures gathered around in tribes scattered across every realm, already infesting them before Sigmar started to explore them. They often clash with everyone including themselves for the joy of battle, but also dominance and territory. Many like-minded creatures, like Ogors, Troggoths and Aleguzzlers often join the hordes of greenskin into battle.[1]


Grots are short, stooped and wiry and make poor warriors, but still manage to draw strength from their raw spite. Grots share many similarities with Orruks, like their green skin and beady green eyes, with larger and higher-pitched voices, a tone better suited for screaming.[2]


The nature of a Grot is that of an untrustworthy coward, and are more likely to run rather than risking their lives. Despite this they are sadistic greenskins who will hurt anyone if they can get away with it.[2]

It is common for them to be underestimated, which they often take advantage off with their sheer unpredictability. Grots are cunning, devious and highly inventive, able to devise highly effective and bizarre weapons of war and fungal broths.[2]


The Grots worship many deities, but above all of them is the almighty Gorkamorka and its separated forms, Gork and Mork.[1]


The original Grot Tribes diverged during the First Great Waaagh!, through nobody sure of the reason. There are many explanations as to why, like a divine mandate from Gorkamorka or an argument over shiny gubbinz that escalated to beyond all proportions. [2]

Some of these tribes hated the light of Hysh and settled in dank places, like clammy caves and shadowed arboreal regions. They were initially predated by the horrors that already lived in those places, but eventually adapted and formed the Spiderfang and Moonclan tribes. These two cultures realized that through coexistence, helped by their shared worship of the Bad Moon, they could achieve more than by fighting alone. They became known as the Gloomspite Gitz, named after the ailment that affects them when under light of their moon god.[2]


In the Age of Myth the Grots, smallest of Gorkamorka's children, scattered across the Mortal Realms to claim places deemed worthless by all others. They would eventually develop the distinct cultural groups known today.[5a]

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