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Grinnin' Blades is one of the major Orruk Warclans of the Kruleboyz originating from the easternmost swamps of the Ghurish Heartlands specializing in using fogs and miasma for both obscuring their forces and as psychoactive weapons against their enemies.[1a]


Grinnin' Blades are the largest and the most expansive Kruleboyz warclan and are identifiable by the bright red clothes, shields and warpaint they use to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. Their Swampcalla Shamans are able to use the energies of Waaagh! to see prophetic patterns in the smoke of their concoctions. Their powerful precognitive abilities combined with the use of stolen Excelsian Glimmerings allowed the clan to predict and bide their time until the Era of the Beast.[1a]

The Grinnin' Blades have become the foremost followers of Kragnos and have adopted his creed of not letting any city stand as long as the spires of the Drogrukh lie toppled.[1a]


In battle Grinnin' Blades try to fully exploit their surroundings to cover them as they try to sneak as close as possible to the enemy. Their advance is covered by mists that hide the Kruleboyz until they have surrounded the enemy while the mists become increasingly foul and thick as it nears the enemy until it becomes throat-searing. Worse the shamans create a psychoactive smoke by burning crystals created from a combination of slicknewt elixirs, spite-adder and squigbite. Even a single breath would induce horrifying hallucinations in a non-Greenskin that would make skarehsields look like faces of monsters and the sounds of kruleboyz laughing at them only makes the experience more nightmarish. [1a][1b]


The Grinnin' Blades had mastered tactics of scare-mists under Killaboss Borgukk da Sly who ruled the Warclan becoming a legend alongside the albino Great Gnashtoof mount known as the Da Pale Deff. The tyrannical rule would continue until the arrival of Gobsprakk who rode upon Killabeak and landed in the sacred hunting bogs of the Grinnin' Blades. Borgukk surprisingly did not challenge the shaman and immediately offered his spear in service after recognizing true greatness in Gobsprakk. It was then Kragnos revealed himself and claimed them as his own.[1a]

Since then the warclan has become devoted followers of the End of Empires with the living god acting as a battering needed to break down the walls of of Human, Aelf and Duardin cities while the Grinnin' Blades provides Kragnos with an army numbering in the hundreds of thousands. [1a]


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