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The Greatstump is a huge, mountain-like stump in Thornfallow in Ghyran.[1]


  • Rusted Ring: A great Chaos Dreadhold in the Greatstump's crown that is held by the Rotbringers that guards the Stumpstair.[1]
  • Stumpstair: Connects the Thornway road at the base of the Greatstump to the Rusted Ring.[1]
  • Peakwood: The last redoubt of untainted life on the Greatstump. Located in the centre of the crown. Connected to the Rusted Ring and and the Thorned Span by a dirt causeway over the Foetid Mire.[1]
  • Foetid Mire: Takes up much of the crown of the Greatstump. Contains Slopdrake Pits, a Poxmaggot Hatchery by the Rusted Ring, and the fungal growth of Nurgle's Bloom.[1]
  • Thorned Span: A bridge leading away from the Greatstump. Connected to the causeway over the Foetid Mire by the Eightfold Stair.[1]
  • Festering Falls: Liquid from the Foetid Mere that seeps through the Stumpwall flows down the side of the Greatstump to collect in pools containing Foulcrawlers.[1]


By the start of the Age of Sigmar, the stump had been nearly overrun by Nurgle forces, save the enclave of Peakwood within its crown.[1]

Age of Sigmar

A Tree-Revenant of Clan Naeth'aer strike a killing blow against the Putrid Blightking during the Battle of the Greatstump

Shortly after the rebirth of Alarielle, the Treelord Ancient Haaldhorm, the Wrathsinger of Clan Naeth'aer, led a force of sylvaneth into Peakwood via a branch of the Cascading Path to defend the wood and reawaken the soulpod groves hidden within. When Aqshy loomed large in the sky and a force of Rotbringers and Pestilens skaven of Clan Feesik under Plaguelord Glubchort marched from the fortress of the Rusted Ring to despoil this last bastion of untainted life, Haaldhorm led an ambush that wiped out the Nurgle forces[1] during the Battle of the Greatstump.[2] With the Peakwood secure, its soulpod groves could be reawakened and the work of retaking the Greatstump could begin.[1]