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Grand Alliance of Order

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The Grand Alliance of Order are the armies of heroes seeking to reclaim the Mortal Realms from Chaos and restored to their former glory.[1]


Morathi, when speaking to the Grand Conclave of Hammerhal to convince them to act against Nagash during the Time of Tribulations, defines Order to them. She claims to see them as the champions of progress, who in spite of their differences in form and methods are united in their desire to live, to feast, to love and to grow old in the service of their gods. To her this is what unites the human, aelf and duardin races. She convinces them to unite to bolster their numbers and divide as necessity demands, to conquer Realmgates and giving it free access to their allies, with the ultimate goal of invading and destroying their enemies and spreading order throughout the realms.[3]


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