Gothgul Hollow (novel)

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Gothgul Hollow
Gothghul Hollow cover.jpg
Author(s) Anna Stephens
Cover Artist Svetlana Kostina
Released 2020
Pages 276
ISBN 978-1-80026-609-4

Gothgul Hollow, Tales of Mhurghast is a novel by Anna Stephens set in the Realm of Shyish.


This page contains spoilers for: Gothgul Hollow

When a unknown beast begins to murder townsfolk, Edrea Gothghul, daughter of Aaric Gothghul, the hero of the Bonesplinter War and the Siege of a Thousand Nights and Runar Skoldofr, professional sharpshooter and gun-for-hire seek to end the murders.

As they uncover the mystery, they find it leads to a legendary figure from the World-that-Was