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Gossamid Archers

A unit of Gossamid Archers

Gossamid Archers are Sylvaneth skirmishers granted the power of flight by the zephyrspites that cling to their backs. They swoop around the battlefield, peppering the foe with arrows and evading counter-assaults with frustrating ease.[1a] The Gossamids joined the Sylvaneth wargroves in the wake of the raising of the Oak of Ages Past, with the first of their kind sprouting from translucent pods at the tree's base.[2]


The Gossamids' zephyrspites grasp their charges so tightly that the Gossamids have no issues maneuvering in the chaos of battle, but such is the connection between the tree-spirits and the spites that, at a single word from a unit's Flitwing Scion leader, the spites will detach and fly at the enemy to confound them, allowing the Gossamids to sprint to safety.[2]

The Quiverbugs at each Gossamid's hip produce the arrows used by the archers. Each arrow contains ravenous grubs that, upon hitting the enemy, burrow deep and devour all they can, growing to maturity in seconds. After violently forcing themselves out of their prey, the young quiverbugs fly off in a buzzing cloud to seek out other Gossamids to continue the cycle.[2]


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