Gorlok Blackpowder

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Gorlok Blackpowder is a Ogor Maneater who leads the Blackpowder's Buccaneers warband and is infamous in the Penumbral Sea.[1][2]


Gorlok build a reputation by roaming the Penumbral Sea and plundering its ships. His legendary hunger for wealth is passed from Maneater to Maneater as an example to aspire to.[2]

He found himself washed up in Harrowdeep after falling into a whirlpool in the Penumbral Sea with the rest of the Blackpowder's Buccaneers warband. He sought out worthy adversaries to add to his boasting-tally, while his crew looted looted everything they could from the labyrinth.[1][2]


Gorlok's minion, Kagey, Peggz, Mange and Shreek, scurry between his legs and over his broad shoulders, to steal from or attack a foe. This often results in them taking blows for him.[2]


Gorlok is armed with a Great Cutlass for close combat, through he can also take gulping bites if he gets close enought. For ranged combat he has Grunderbuss.[2][3]



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