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Gorgers attacking Wildercorps Hunters in the Gnarlwood.

Gorgers are Gutbuster ogors that have fallen victim to the dreaded "Empty Belly Curse", an affliction said to be a curse set upon those who displease the Gulping God in some way. The condition renders them unable to render any enjoyment from the process of eating food, with the afflicted tasting nought but ash when devouring even the most delicious fleshy scraps - a fate considered worse than death to many Ogors. [1a]

Because of this lack of taste, Gorgers are kept away from the rest of Ogor society in cages and dark tunnels, where they degenerate into nothing more than starved, ravenous horrors with terrible distensible jaws and filthy long claws, even lacking the sizeable paunch characteristic to the average Ogor. Here they moan, whimper and snarl in the darkness, gobbling up whatever scraps are thrown to them by the local Butcher - the only beings that can communicate with them. [1a]

Though they are despised by most right-thinking members of a Mawtribe, they still have their uses, being lured to battle by the scent of spilled buckets of blood and rotten meaty chunks. They scuttle from their cavernous lairs, sniffing the trail of gore and tearing their foes limb from limb from the shadows, powered by their insatiable hunger.[1a]