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Golgeth is one of the constituents sub-realms of Chamon.[3a]

It is so vast and heavy that it attracts arcane energy and continues to build up and rage on its outer surface - the Metallostrata. Beneath the poisonous surface is a hidden world known as the Undervault where gravity and time fluctuate. [1a]

The Anachron Plateau

A vast disc of metal ore where time passes very slowly.[1a]


During the Age of Myth some mortals took up residence, apparently safe from the energies of the outer surface and originally even the forces of Chaos. These were simple people, farming algae on Mount Kronus and they lived quietly. Years would pass in the other parts of the realm, but only a day or two on the plateau.[1a]

Following the Battle of Burning Skies, Chaos began to seep into the Undervault. The Lord of Change Kiathanus had failed his god in the conflict and his soul-stuff was shattered into nine syllables by Tzeentch and scattered across all the Realms – the first of which settled on the plateau.[1a]

He had been constrained as part of his punishment to only speak the truth and hence he became an oracle - the Truthsayer to the people there. In time they raised a huge goldstone statue at the summit of Mount Kronos and built a temple at the foot of the mountain. Yet he was able to twist the truth and manipulate them still, assisting in the return of his name-sigils. He taught the natives the art of Daemon summoning and tricked them into conjuring them for defence and to ease their labours, knowing that in time the natives would be enslaved themselves. [1a]

Others noted that the Daemon was close to retrieving its name and releasing itself and a great battle was fought between Stormcast and the daemonic hordes of the Gaunt Summoner, the Watcher King. In the end, all of their efforts were fruitless as Archaon himself came forth with his Varanguard and claimed the Daemon for himself, enslaving the Watcher King. Then he faced the Stormcast Eternals, the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost, slaughtering the finest of them with the Slayer of Kings.[1a][2]


  • Forge Peak[1a]
  • Lake Chrome[1a]
  • Lake Mercuris[1a]
  • Mount Kronus: A mountain of fools gold upon which the natives farm algae and upon which many daemons are bound - at first they defended the natives but later enslaved them.[1a] The mountain is ever crumbling but the laws of time and space are not certain in this place, gravity shifts, time is uncertain as the landscape is saturated with quantum particles, especially near the Baleful Realmgates that dot the landscape at its foot. Wizards are able to cast the spells Thief of Time and Temporal Healing in its vicinity.[1b]
    • The Oracle of Truths: At the summit of the Mount Kronus is the statue prison of the daemon Kiathanus.[1a]
    • Temple of the Truthsalyer: At the foot of Mount Kronus is a vast temple.[1a]
  • Perambulis, The Scuttling City.[1a]
  • River of Liquid Days[1a]
  • Sigil Pit[1a]
  • Spined Forest[1a]
  • The Well of Time: The natives of the plateau carry hourglass sand from the well. [1a]

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