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Gnashtoofs are a species of vicious canines that are tamed and used by Kruleboyz for various purposes.[1a]


Gnashtoofs come in different sizes with the largest varieties known as Great Gnashtoofs growing up to seven feet at the shoulder.[1a]


Gnashtoofs are habitual scavengers but also hunt smaller creatures. During the hunt Gnashtoofs "throw" their barks make it sound as if it is approaching from a different direction and pounce on their target when the prey turns its back. [1a] They have powerful fangs with those of Great Gnashtoofs being able to crush bones. [1b]

Use by Kruleboyz

Gnashtoofs are used by Kruleboyz for various purposes with the smallest being used for dog-fights and hounding prisoners during blood hunts. Larger Great Gnashtoofs are used by mounts by the Killabosses who must first ride off a rodeo on the beast to claim it.[1a]