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The Gloomspite is a condition suffered by the Gloomspite Gitz. While under the madness-inducing and reality-warping light of the Bad Moon, these grots that revere it enter a state of frothing mania. It's in this state that they go into battle, followed by all kinds of beasts, to end armies, cities and steal everything they can, especially bottles, which they use to store the brews made by their shamans.[1]


Gloomspite Gitz Destruction
Aleguzzler GargantsGitmobMoonclanSpiderfangTroggherds
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Magic Lore (MoonclansSpiderfangs) • Unit-specific Spells (GitmobMoonclanSpiderfangTroggherds)
Gloomspite Tribes
Lurklairs BadsnatchersClaggit's SmotherersJaws of MorkScurrowstabberz
Stalktribe DrizzledeffFrazzleshunGlintfangGrimscuttle
Aleguzzler Gargants Aleguzzler GargantBonegrinder Gargant
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Endless Spells Malevolent MoonMork's Mighty MushroomScrapskuttle's ArachnacauldronScuttletide
Scenery Bad Moon Loonshrine
Deities Bad MoonBoingob
Aleguzzler Gargants Brodd
Gitmob Rippa's Snarlfangs • (Rippa NarkbaMean-EyeStabbit)
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Spiderfang Boss Seven-EyezSpittlegit Spiderkin
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