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Garden of Nurgle

Garden of Nurgle is the domain of the Dark God Nurgle in the Realm of Chaos.[1]

Horticulous Slimux is the Garden's Grand Cultivator and he makes sure the Plaguebearers cultivate things right.[2]


The garden has foetid lakes made out of gelid filth.[2]

The Plague-Moon Arghus glow with a sickly green light that illuminates all beneath its case.[3a]



There are many corrupted realmgates dotting Nurgle's garden.[2]

Some of the known Realmgates are:


Daemons of Nurgle

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  • Gnawfly: These creatures' minds are filled with thoughts of filth and food and where it might find both. The creatures add their filth to the lakes found around the Garden of Nurgle and are eaten by Plaguebearers.[2]
  • Plaguefly: The flies grown by Horticulous Slimux and often act as his spies and agents.[2]



Sometimes the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch sends a spur into Nurgle's domain, a strange maw that spills Tzeentchian daemons with the intent of claiming portions of the realm.[2]