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Tahlia Vedra, First Marshal of Hammerhal.

Freeguild Marshals, some have also been referred to as Freeguild Generals, are officers that lead the Freeguilds into battle, especially among the Dawnbringer Crusades. Each is a veteran of countless battles and a master of strategy and tactics that have studied in one of the Free Cities' famous martial colleges. In addition, they are also master duellists who can cross blades with the enemy as easily as they can issue orders.[1a][2a][3]


Some are granted the honour of riding griffons from Azyrite plains into battle. Armed with claws like scimitars and a beak that can peel iron, Griffons are loyal and deadly companions. Upon his mount, a Freeguild Marshal can analyse the battlefield while soaring in the sky and when a flank wavers the Griffon dives like a comet slashing dozens of foes in a blur while the General drives his troops forward with war cries while the Griffon's piercing bloodroar shatters the enemy's resolve.[1a][2b]

Freeguild Generals can also ride to battle on the back of barded Warhorses.[3c]


They are often accompanied by Relic Envoys.[3]


Marshals on foot usually wield Zweihanders that can cleanly decapitate an enemy with a single swing, while others like those riding on Griffons or Warhorses can wield a magical Sigmarite Runesword or Sigmarite Greathammer or a Freeguild Lance. They may also wield a Freeguild Shield to deflect blows from the enemy but some prefer to forgo the shield to either keep one hand free to steer their mount better or choose to wield a pistol to shoot enemies from afar. Occasionally some Marshals will carry a Stately War Banner into battle.[2a][2b][2c][2d]


City of Sigmar Title Variant
Edassa Manezomo[6a]
Hammerhal Aqsha Dragoon-General*[7a]


Cavalier-Marshals are cavalry commanders within the Cities of Sigmar who are trusted with an assortment of magical trinkets and weaponry imported from across the Mortal Realms.[8a]




  • The Freeguild General unit was renamed to Freeguild Marshal after the release of Battletome: Cities of Sigmar (2023). Despite this change, the term is often used interchangeably in the lore.


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