Forge-City of Grungni

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The Forge-City of Grungni, or Iron Karak was a city established by Grungni, during the Age of Myth in Chamon, after gathering his scattered folk.[1]


Age of Myth

One of the great cities established by Grungni in the Realm of Chamon during the Age of Myth. The city is meant to serve as home to his scattered folk, the Duardin.[1]

Age of Chaos

A Gnawhole opens beneath the Forge-City and it is eventually overrun by Skaven. The mountains that once held it become known as the Verminvaults.[3a]In the Age of Chaos the Sky-port of Barak-Zilfin was located near it. It was infested with Skaven.[2]

Age of Sigmar

The Forge-City of Grungni is cleansed of its verminous invaders soon after Grungni returns from his self-imposed exile. It is here that he holds a great Throngankor, the first in centuries, a gathering of representatives from many Duardin nations of the Mortal Realms. Attendees included several Fyreslayer lodges such as Vostarg, Greyfyrd, Lofnir, and Hermdar; the ruling Geldraad of the Kharadron Empire; and many prestigious Warden Kings of the Dispossessed. Grungni spoke at great length arguing for Duardinkind to unite as a force of Order and build closer ties to their allies, such as the Cities of Sigmar. However old grudges are slow to heal and a schism forms among those Duardin who agree with Grungni's proposal, such as the Vostarg and Hermdar, and those who reject it outright, such as the Lofnir and Gelvagd. Despite this Grungni views the Throngankor to be a first step in the right direction.[4a][4b][4c]