Fomoroid Crusher

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A miniature of a Fomoroid Crusher.

Fomoroid Crushers are near-mindless brutes native to the Eightpoints and forced into serving the Dark Gods.[1a]


In the age of Myth, the Fomoroids served as a builder caste for one of the great empires of the Allpoints. Though skilled masons, with a natural affinity for stonecraft, the Fomoroids were treated little better than slaves by their masters.[1a]

Finally, the Fomoroids could take it no longer and launched a rebellion against their masters. During this brutal conflict, the Fomoroids torn down many of the tall buildings they once raised. In the end, they gained their freedom and threw off the yoke of their masters.[1a]

But their freedom shouldn't last long. Soon came the Nexus Wars and the tyranny of chaos. Aware of their mastery over stone, Archaon choose not to bound their body, but their mind. A curse was placed on the Fomoroids. No more will they be able to create, but only to destroy. Now, not much more than mindless beasts, Fomoroid Crushers are used as hulking brutes in the armies of the Everchosen. Or as beasts in the fighting pits of the Eightpoints.[1a]


Fomoroid Crushers act like maddened creatures, empowered by the rage at the torturous memories of what they once were, by hitting with their crushing fists. They use their insurmountable strength to grab pieces of broken masonry, uprooted trees, and other terrain to swing or hurl at their foes.[2a]


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