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Flesh-Eater Courts Armoury


Royal Treasury (Abhorrant Heroes only)
Name Description Notes
Blood-river Chalice This ornate cup is carved from a Troggoth's skull.[1] blood drank from this vessel can heal even the most grevious wounds.[3]
Heart of the Gargant Still beating, the slab of muscle and flesh torn from the powerful colossal can endow the eater with great strength from each bite.[3]
Signet of the First Court An ancient ring carved from tangled sinew that bestows great strengh on those that wear it.[3]
Splintervane Broach A shard of bone that when it impales the flesh causes the Abhorrant to grow spines that absorb magic, robbing enemies of arcane power. [3]
The Dermal Robe A cloak made from the skin of a powerful enemy sorcerer that increases the wearers magical prowess.[3]
The Grim Garland A wreath made from the skulls of emperors and king it causes fear in even the bravest foes.[3]
Noble Heirlooms (Courtier Heroes only)
Name Description Notes
Carrion Wand Magic is contained within this carved thigh bone of a Ghoul King. [3]
Keening Bone A gnarled bone club, if the wielder gnaws upon it and sucks forth its marrow, it will return once flung at an enemy.[1][3]
Medal of Madness Staked into the chest is a badge that allows the bearer to speak with the voice of their lord. [3]
The Bilious Decanter An offal flask that contains a fluid that can fill a drinker with rage.[3]
The Flayed Pennant Fresh blood dripping from this gory trophy can drive the other flesh-eaters into frenzy, sending them speeding forth to tear asunder enemies.[3]
The Fleshform Raiment The wearer of this cloak gives him the form of enemies nightmares.[3]


Most of those in the Flesh-Eater Courts simply tear their opponents apart with teeth and claws, with only a few using the most basic of weapons. Yet in their delusion, they imagine these bone clubs to be glittering blades, sturdy axes and long straight spears.

Name Wielder Notes
Bone Club Crypt Ghast Courtier, Crypt Horrors, Crypt Haunter,
Massive Bone Club Crypt Haunter Courtier,

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